Hi, I'm Steven Morell

I am a certified Revenue Architect and I build
high performing Sales & Revenue Operations for Startups.

I run a boutique Revenue Engineering Consulting firm together with a team of exceptionally talented and skilled Growth Experts.

For SaaS Companies

We specialize in designing and the execution of B2B recurring revenue operational models for subscription businesses.

For eCommerce

Our expertise is the optimization of sales funnels, customer acquisition channels and the re-ordering process.

I was struggling heavily to raise attention for my startup, basically trying everything and hoping for the best. Steven and the EVITA Team taught us basic methods and frameworks that changed entirely how we think and operate today. With the right approach and the right analytics, nothing seems impossible now.

Carlo Hanuszkiewicz
Founder @ NIYOK Natural Cosmetics

My company was growing fast and I was overwhelmed with fighting on every front. Steven and the people at EVITA helped us to set priorities and develop a structured process, validate assumptions and be data driven. Working with them quickly eliminated the guesswork and helped us to see the big picture clearly.

Rian Merklin
Founder/CEO @ ISOPack

After spending hours and hours researching blog articles, books and watching youtube videos I was just overwhelmed with information. Working with Steven and EVITA it felt like using a cheat sheet. All the information reduced to the key bullet points without any fluff. It was exactly what I needed at the time: a clear cut route!

Hector Forwood
Founder/CEO @ Comtura

I was trying to build a SaaS MVP and a sustainable business around it. There were a lot of ideas and activities, but somehow it felt like we were making no real progress,
With Steven’s advice and analytical help I learned how to test if there’s a business, new sales strategies that blew my mind and how to interview customers and understand them.

Clara Pardo Gromaches
Entrepreneur & Architect

This is how we work:

What the heck is "Revenue Engineering" and
why should you care?

Well, because there is real Science behind Revenue Growth:

We tend to think of Sales in terms of Input vs Output. If you increase the input, you'll have more output. And while this is not wrong, it describes only a linear function.

The problem with linear functions is: you will never get exponential growth from a linear function. In order to grow exponentially you have to look at Conversion Rates between process steps and the time between Input and Output. Those parameters multiply and have exponential impact on the output.


In order to grow Revenue exponentially we have to look at every step along the entire customer journey and optimize for conversion and time delays first.

But how do we know if conversion rates are on target? - The answer is: Data & Science.

We use benchmarks of 1000+ businesses (which already use this method) to determine which step needs improvement first.


You can't manage what you can't measure. And only if you measure the right steps (the so called Moments that Matter) you will be able to reduce failure rates and low conversions.

Increasing volume (more ad spend, more leads, etc.) before reducing failure rate means you are actually scaling failure, not success.

Get it right first, and scale success later.

Who else uses this method?

Oh, and we also eat our
own dog food.

Talk is cheap. We know. So we practice what we preach.

JAXX is B2B SaaS Revenue Management Solution which we are building and which is based on the Bowtie and ROM™ Methodology. The same framework we apply in our daily work.

Check it out here: www.jaxx.ai

Your Roadmap:
Steps to get Revenue & Growth on Track

Before we get to work, we want to make sure it's actually a good match and we can really make an impact.

We only work with founders and startups that we find a good fit.


What is your current Sales Motion? Does pricing fit into your GTM and your Ideal Customer Profile?

We look at every part of your Growth Engine and create a full Revenue Audit of your business.


Let's get you and everyone in your team on the same page and  common understanding of where you are and what needs to be done.

Without team buy-in, you will not succeed.


Next we run weekly Revenue Review Meetings with you and/or your customer facing team(s).

Weekly iterations and data based improvements have proven extremly efficent in getting into growth mode fast.

Reserve your copy of the upcoming book!

I'm the author of the upcoming book SPEAK™ Revenue - The complete Playbook for Revenue Growth. You can get a copy even before it hits the book stores, by reserving your personal copy right now:

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find your answer shoot us an email - Ask us anything!
Can I afford your service?

The question is really - Can you afford to not get professional help and waste time and money instead? What if your startup fails? How many years will you need till you try again?

Our service is calculated on a per-hour bases starting at 250 € / hr, but we offer package deals and discounted monthly flat fee plans.

How early is 'early stage' - what if I have only an idea?

Please, do not take money from friends & family and start building a product without booking a free consultation with us first. We can help you avoid costly and frustrating mistakes early on. There's really no "to early" for a free chat with us.

But more often than not we come in after product launch and often pre-revenue or when initial revenue growth has hit a hard celling and the founders are frustrated that the business is flat lining.

I watch Gary Vee and Dan Martell Videos - Why would I need you?

Gary Vee, Dan Martel, Neil Patel - we love watching their videos. Great entertainment and a lot of nice tips and tricks. But you have to realize: Those people are not in Growth Business. They are in Show Business. It's fun to watch, sometimes there is a good idea and it's for sure inspirational and empowering. But it's not helping you get your business organized and on a growth track.

We guarantee results
So, what are you waiting for?

Yes. You can't beat the Math. And there is solid science and data behind this math. So yes, we can guarantee this approach works.

Unless you already have optimized the heck out of everything, we can show you mathematically where the biggest potentials for improvements are and where you are losing time and money.

of Revenue is generated in year 2 and 3 of a B2B SaaS Customer.

With the rise of B2B SaaS, profits have shifted from the "closing" moment deep into the later stages of an ongoing relationship. Also Sales Cycles have shortened from 9-18 month to as little as 30-90 days.
increase of your Win-Rate is what happens if you:

Remove a single step in a 3-step sales motion and improve the conversion rate of each step by as little as 10% each. And that increase comes with without additional Ad Spent or Outbound activities.
Annual Contract Value (ACV) is the magic trash-hold above which you should not use PLG (Product Led Growth) anymore and switch to an Inside Sales Team.

Using the wrong Go-to-Market Strategy can seriously affect your business.
1:3 to 1:5
is the drop in Win-Rates from perpetual Sales to SaaS Sales.

SaaS has changed how Businesses buy solutions. This has affected Win Rates and Sales Cycles dramatically.

You can use benchmarks to see if you are on target or not.

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Fine with us!

Drop us a note, ask us a question, tell us what moves you. We love to hear from passionate people and their ideas.

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